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Black Panther The Album: 5 Star Album Review 💽

We celebrate quality music at Swag Aliens. The film everyone around the world has been talking about, Black Panther, not only became the top grossing superhero film in US history but the soundtrack of the film, created by Kendrick Lamar and record label TDE, has

J Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only: 5 Star Album Reviews 💽

Fellow aliens, throughout the website you will notice that we love music; in fact, we live and breathe music! This article covers a must-listen review of a top 5 album, showcasing the absolute bangers being produced. Our previous review was of JAY-Z’s 4.44. We do this in a unique bullet

The Trending Mother-Land flow: The Collab Lab 🔗

Bonjour Aliens, if you don’t know by now AfroBeats is the new wave! One of the most recent trendies in the UK urban music scene is that Mother-Land Flow. Collabs between these long distant cousins are currently on the rise; let’s look into this further! A lot of

JAY-Z’s 4:44: 5 Star Album Reviews 💽

JAY-Z (yes, yet another name change) has attained platinum status again for his newest body of work which has been rumoured to be a self-snitching autobiography. Today we dig into JAY-Z’s latest album which we think is another creative masterclass. In this feature, we showcase some of the hottest hip-hop albums on