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Why Keanu Reeves is Loved by the Internet: Brain Bread 🍞

Keanu Reeves was always adored by fans around the world, but it wasn’t until 30 years into his career with the hit movie series John Wick that the Matrix star became an overnight sensation. He’s everywhere these days. Be it on internet forums like Reddit,

Wu Tang An American Saga

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Worth Your Time: Watchlist 🎥

The Wu-Tang Clan burst into mainstream hip-hop culture when U-God decided to call it quits with his life of crime. U-God asked his friend for a year, “if [bleep] don’t go right to where you want it to go, go back to doing what you’re

Ninja Leaves Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer: Decent News 📰

Ninja, the quintessential Twitch star, told his fans via Twitter about moving to Microsoft’s Mixer. With a massive fan following over 14.7 million and counting, Ninja is a gift that keeps on giving (to Twitch). His content mostly revolves around Fortnite and Overwatch. And now

The Raid, Get Out, City of God and more: Indie Watchlist 🎥

Have you ever had one of those mad Google-sprees where you’re desperately trying to find a quality film you haven’t already seen? At Swag Aliens we do the hard work for you. We source and qualify the best list of creative, independent films with great

District 9, Memento, Pulp Fiction and more: Indie Watchlist 🎥

My fellow aliens, if you are trying to find a creative, independent film with a great storyline and very believable actors, this is the shortlist for you! For this week’s Indie Watchlist, I’ve picked out some of the best independent films to ever hit the

Books by Lecrae, Jamel Shabbaz & More: Urban Library 📚

This week SA takes a look at three books to enhance your Urban Library across all three lifestyle categories. Unashamed So I was first introduced to Lecrae by my late sister, whom by the way knew nothing about hip-hop but liked the positive message in