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Paul Stone Interview: A In The Artist 🎨

Following on from The RAP Gods Deity article, SA caught up with the elusive Paul Stone for an exclusive interview to understand the inspiration, process and skill behind the influential and iconic work. Here’s how it went down: So Paul, first thing’s first! If you had to pick

Undiscovered Talent: A in the Art 🎨

A lesson learned in life, you never know some of your unleashed talents until you put them to test! A perfect example is @sheltonthecool literally sat on a great artistic talent, occasionally dubbing his art as ‘trash’ and ‘not good enough’…well, Swag Aliens will let you

The Trending Mother-Land flow: The Collab Lab 🔗

Bonjour Aliens, if you don’t know by now AfroBeats is the new wave! One of the most recent trendies in the UK urban music scene is that Mother-Land Flow. Collabs between these long distant cousins are currently on the rise; let’s look into this further! A lot of

More Than Just a Tat: Ink and Urban 💉

When it comes to swag, no other platform allows you to express your individuality like some good ink. In a world shaped by corporate giants mass producing for every high-street, it was inevitable that eventually, everyone would look the same. We can mix and match

The Trending UK/US Collabs: The Collab Lab 🔗

For years the bridge between Hip-hop and UK Rap/Grime proved challenging from both sides across the Atlantic. While Hip-hop culture has been a life-spring of great influence on the urban scene across the globe, Grime has been on the rise since the early 2000s grooming